Commercial & Office Installation

When it comes to your office air conditioning, it needs to be right. You’ll probably need the help of a provider with experience so that you make the right decision.

Here at Pure Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on our professional, high quality service. Aiming to ensure that whatever your commercial enterprise, we find the best industrial or office air conditioning solutions for your needs. Therefore, if you’re looking for state of the art industrial or office air conditioning installation, you’re in the right place. If you need air conditioning in your home, click here to find out more about our domestic installations.

Specialists in Commercial and Office
Air Conditioning Installation

Whether you’re looking for commercial air conditioning units for your school, factory, restaurant or IT suite, we have an abundance of expert knowledge and experience.

At Pure Air Conditioning we aim to provide a bespoke and fulfilling service. There are many reasons for purchasing air conditioning. A server room is the brains of a business, and therefore needs to be kept in good working order. A hot and bothered workforce won’t work nearly as efficiently as a comfortable one. Ideally, the installation of commercial and office air conditioning will make your place of work run smoother. To find out more information on how we can help install a system in your place of work contact us here. However we can help, we guarantee to find a system that suits your working environment.

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Breakdown and Repair Services

Due to ever increasing temperatures, commercial air conditioning is working harder than ever. Employees are keeping it on and the units aren’t being serviced properly. Because of this, units are breaking down.

Here at Pure Air Conditioning we offer maintenance contracts to help protect your existing air conditioning systems. For more information on maintenance contracts, click here. Alternatively, contact us to talk to a member of staff.