Home Air Conditioning is becoming more and more common place. Due to the recent increase in temperatures and humidity levels rising, more people are opting for domestic installations.

Here at Pure Air Conditioning we supply a range of high quality units. A number of these unit types are well suited to domestic properties. There are also many benefits to installing air conditioning in the home. Most air conditioning systems will heat or cool, meaning you can control the temperature of your home year round. Another benefit of home air conditioning is the reduced VAT. At Pure Air we are able to offer an installation with only 5% VAT. However this does only apply to domestic properties. Cost is always a priority. Keeping it as low as possible is what’s important.

An Air Conditioning Unit for Every Room

Because of the vast experience we have at Pure, and the range of units we sell, there is an option for everyone. Not all homes suit large installations, and some do not have the space for larger units.

Most common installs include ducted and wall mounted systems. If there is a large void space, ducted systems can be hidden inside the ceiling and output to grilles. Unlike office grilles in a suspended ceiling, these grilles are discreet and attractive. The image below depicts an installation of linear grilles. This type of unit is controlled using a wall mounted controller.


Furthermore, the alternative option for home air conditioning is to install wall mounted units. This type of unit is mounted onto an interior wall, and controlled with a remote control. Benefits of a wall mounted unit is that, although not in ceiling space, the unit is still out the way of day to day activities. Wall mounted units can both heat and cool a room, making them an ideal choice for home use.

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Want Home Air Conditioning?

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