We Got Locked in a Room


What better way to spend time with your fellow co-workers than locked in a room with no way out? We certainly thought so! That’s why on Wednesday 22nd February office staff and engineers alike made their way to Locked in a Room Milton Keynes, ready for riddles and itching to investigate what was behind each of those doors! Once we had been divided into carefully selected teams we gathered in the lab to hear the awesome tale of Professor Samuel Pottenger, a time travelling scientist who had been captured by an unknown assailant. Our task? Find his whereabouts by carefully working through clues he left behind in his personal office, and get out before he is lost forever!

The Rooms

As we are sworn to secrecy, we can’t say too much about each of the rooms, but they were brilliant! Well thought out puzzles and riddles kept even our brightest staff members thinking! However, it wasn’t enough to keep one of our teams in, who nearly broke the record for the fastest escape ever. Unfortunately our Property Care team didn’t manage to get out in time, proving how much of a challenge it really was!

Thank You

Lastly, a huge thank you to Locked in a Room Milton Keynes and our staff members for making what was a very memorable night. Also to Jake, one of our Sales Engineers, for organising the event for everyone.

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