About Pure Air Conditioning

If you’re looking for high-quality air conditioning systems and services, Pure Air Conditioning is the ideal first choice for you. Based in Milton Keynes and with offices in London, we are well equipped to cover the entire Midlands region and the South of England.

Pure Air Conditioning prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Pure employs only the most skilled engineers who share our passions and are committed to completing all jobs on time, professionally and within budget. We truly believe that in order to thrive in this competitive industry, standards must be set, maintained and then raised – and that’s exactly what we do. The thing about Pure Air Conditioning, it is constantly growing.

A History of Pure Air Conditioning

Pure Air Conditioning began as a small family business in the market of renting and selling portable air conditioning units for server rooms, houses and offices.

We quickly realised, however, that the diversity of services required by our amazing customer base required us to bring in more skilled people. This was how our commitment to training and investing in our engineers really began. A company is only as good as the people who combine to make it, which is why we only employ the very best people – and then we make them even better. Within a short time, we had expanded to installing fixed air conditioning systems into local offices, shops, schools, computer rooms and domestic properties.

Looking Forward

Pure Air Conditioning are always looking to the future, and constantly redeveloping. Since re-branding under the Pure Group umbrella, Pure Air has gone from strength to strength.

Recently, we have been able to further increase our output. We now provide CAD Drawings along with our proposals. Also, we have increased our online presence with the use of social media. Furthermore, we have redesigned our company vehicles, making them look even more impressive than before. In an attempt to broaden installation scope, we are also getting our engineers more knowledgeable with other suppliers; including Daikin, LG, and Toshiba. Being able to provide the most comprehensive and simplistic installation is our main goal. We  are constantly striving to achieve that.